Christmas Tree Disposal

Christmas tree disposal service.


Our Christmas tree disposal service is a Christmas tree collection service that comes to your door and takes your Christmas tree away for disposal in an environmentally friendly way. The Christmas trees are recycled for mulch used in future landscaping projects. Therefore you are helping the ecological cycle by using our Christmas tree disposal service. It’s not really ‘disposal’ at all – it’s a Christmas tree pick-up and recycling service!

Christmas tree disposal service charges.

Our Christmas tree disposal service is cost effective.

Street ready trees up to 8ft and outside = €14.99

Christmas trees over 8ft or need removal from inside = €17.99

All our loyal customers love this annual service because it saves you time by avoiding having to get the Christmas tree out of the house and travelling somewhere with it to a disposal depot.

It saves cleaning up all that needle mess that gets in your car carpets that everybody hates. It also avoids the risks inherent in travelling with a tree on the top of the car. We have made our Christmas tree disposal service so convenient, efficient, and fast for you, that we think you’ll be very pleased you chose to use us.

Christmas tree disposal – How it works

Our christmas tree disposal service is on the go every day throughout January, therefore we can collect your tree anytime. To make our service more efficient we have allocated areas to different times. We are never much time away from coming by your area again even if you have just missed us. At the moment we can come by fast so please use the 2 minute online booking service to arrange fast service.

What to do

It’s important to note that you do not have to be in at the time of tree collection as we can arrange something with you regarding payment. Please enquire when you are phoning or emailing and we will explain the process. In these cases the Christmas tree can be left outside in front garden and we collect it for disposal in the recycling process. Otherwise, you may be in at time of Christmas tree disposal van coming to your area.


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