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Christmas Wreaths

Christmas Wreaths for the front door.

These evoke a strong image at Christmas time. There is something very appealing about Christmas Wreaths marking the entrance to the home. They add personality and style to the home at Christmas, not to mention a feeling of homely welcome for those in the family and for those who are visiting. There is usually a sign of a real personal touch and an excitement about Christmas when christmas wreaths are on the front door.

High Quality Christmas Wreaths.

We are offering high quality real christmas wreaths and these can be selected and bought from us as we deliver your tree. We will have a range of high quality christmas wreaths to choose from, so that your christmas preparations can be made smoother by preventing extra work and time looking everywhere for your christmas items and decorations.

Best Prices for our Christmas Wreaths.

Our Real Christmas Wreaths range:

holly christmas wreathHolly Wreath .
Small 12″:      €12
 Medium 14″:  €18




noblis christmas wreathNoblis Fir Wreath.
Small 12″:      €12
Medium 14″:  €18




This Christmas should you need a larger christmas wreath we are pleased to offer a giant christmas wreath size – the Giant 20″ version. Available in both Holly or Noblis Fir, it is multi decorated with a “Merry Christmas” tag, a Santa figurine, cones, and 2 ribbons.

christmas wreath giantGiant Christmas Wreath
Large 20″: €30





How our Christmas Wreaths are made.

Christmas wreaths are usually an assortment of christmas tree branches, twigs, and various other green and decorative materials constructed to resemble a ring or circle.  The christmas wreaths we provide also have ribbon attachments, cones, and gold colour bells.

Christmas Wreaths have much history and symbolism associated with them. Being made from evergreens they symbolise strength, as evergreens last even throughout the harshest winters. As Christmas decorations they symbolise the coming of Christ, in the Advent season. The Christmas wreaths circles are also a symbol used for various reasons in pre-Christianity.


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